Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sign of the Day

Since we haven't had one in a while...

Meet Mindy

This is little Mindy. She is visiting with us and Rufus right now. Mindy is the sweetest little corgi. Very sweet temperament, snuggly and warm. Well, to us anyways.
She about took Rufus' head off yesterday. Poor Rufus was so excited to get a girlfriend, now he's scared to death of her.
Mindy was sitting on my lap while I played catch with Rufus this morning. Rufus brought the ball back but threw it wrong and it ended up on the ground right under Mindy. Rufus went into the biggest whining fit I've ever seen him go into. He wanted his ball back so much but couldn't find the courage to come close enough to Mindy to retrieve it. He hasn't quite figured out this whole "girl" thing yet.
Now, if I could just get my own boys to be so shy...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Year Supply of Vitamin A

This weekend I went out to the garden to see if I had some onions or garlic left to dig up. In the bed where I had grown beets and carrots I noticed a few little green plants growing. After I had picked the carrots this summer I let that bed go and the grass took over. Now the grass is dead and brown so the green tops of carrots I missed were quite easy to see. I pulled a few little left-over carrots out and then ran into this monster.
This is Joe with a "regular" carrot bought from the store to compare with Carrozilla.

The one who started it all

Meet Joe's inspiration!

Squirrely T Shirts

This is Joe's t-shirt line, Squirrels with Chainsaws... (we need to hire better models)

Morning Visit

Nothing like a good scratch first thing in the morning.

Mighty Hunters

Hi Joel! :P
Jason and Joe took this doe the evening of opening day.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ah another Halloween down...

It's all fun and games until someone loses an arm.
Now, time to recover from the wild weekend! Whew! The kids are off to school and here I am, home all alone with their candy... heh heh heh...

Costume Parade

or Freak Parade as it were...

Halloween Party

Our ward had a great Halloween party for the kids. There were carnival games for the kids to play and win prizes and candy and a trick-or-treat village. People in the ward got big boxes (refrigerator or washer or dryer boxes--those kind that were so fun to play in when we were kids!) and decorated them as little houses and such. The gym was filled with little box houses all the way around and the kids got to go around and around trick or treating. It was really awesome!
Always check the back seat....

Amie kept hoggin' the outhouse!!!!!

And Kristi....uh, never mind....

Apparently the farmers out here feel no need to dress up for Halloween.

Seth might be turning into a hillbilly, but he's still got a little surfer under there yet... ;)

Katie spent the evening keeping her brothers in line.

Halloween Dinner

We had an exciting Halloween dinner this year... eyeballs in the peas, shrunken heads in the cider. The kids had way too much fun with this!