Friday, September 14, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Shortcut to Mushrooms

It's giant mushroom time.  We have seen the giant mushrooms grow one other time since we have lived out here.  It is so fun to look out and see the white spots dotting the hill.

The Stoldovan Flag

The kids had an activity this weekend that was set up like a mini-olympics sort of thing.  Each group attending had to coordinate a "game" and each group was asked make a flag from a country to represent their team.  
Our group did an archery game.  
My kid got volunteered for the flag.  
You would think people would know better by now.  
Joe immediately decided we needed to do the flag from Moldova.  But of course we had to make it our own.  So what else but:  THE TROLL!  
The boys had a troll flag that went to camp with them this summer.  Rumor has it the troll flag even flew on the big, official flag pole at camp. 
In keeping with tradition, the troll would absolutely have to make an appearance.  
So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the Stoldovan flag! ('cause we're da bomb up in here!)

Glory of the Morning

Well, the pictures cannot do these flowers justice but I had to try.  With all the rain we've finally had, my morning glories decided they would bloom this year afterall.  Many of the flowers are kind of double ruffled, with a little flower inside the big one.  They are a purple color with a rich royal blue undertone, I've never seen a color like this in any other flower, it's almost electric.  I'm excited!

There's a storm a comin' ma!

It's been a while since I've had the chance to take any storm pictures.  We watched this shelf cloud roll in at us faster than any I've ever seen before.  A half hour before these pictures it was sunny and warm, just a couple of little white clouds floating by.  First time we have seen a green sky in a long time.  It managed to blow a section of the barn roof loose and beat up the shop doors some but we didn't get any big broken limbs or anything from this one.  Whew!

The new baby has arrived.

Jason's uncle brought our little tractor home all tuned up and running great. 
 It sure is a cute little thing.
Jason went right to work on the driveway...and anything else he could find to blade up.
And notice it is RED.
If it's green you either mow it or spend it. 
 And you can tell Chaz I said that.

That time of year again. Finally!

We got a good soaking from Isaac and overnight the grass turned green.  Time for fire!!!!!!!

Ever get the feeling...

...someone is watching you?