Thursday, January 30, 2014

Then I decided I needed a little RED in my life...

You can file this under the scary posts, I guess, if you want.
I think Jason would put it in that category.
So, anyways, I wanted to spice up my tired old kitchen a little.  Bam! lol

I put some red on the walls above the cabinets...

 (It is really difficult to get decent pictures of red!)

And I painted an accent wall.

I love my big red wall with my big red picture!

And I changed my family picture wall that I keep above the kitchen table.

If the Suit Fits...

How do you catch a Polar Bear?

OK, so here are my polar vortex storm pictures.  I know it was a long time ago.  I know everyone else posted their pictures ages ago.  I know I'm late and running behind.  So what?!

Anyone up for a swim?

Frosted oreos....

Even G-nome has to get in on the fun.

Loads of fun.

Aren't you glad you don't have a horse to feed during a winter storm?

Frosted hellhound.

This is why my husband prays for snow.

So in the middle of all this crazy weather with sub-zero temps and super high winds a bald eagle came flying past the house and made several circles around the front yard. 

See, I told you... waves. (and yes, I sat there all day waiting for them to break)

Sunburst on the Snow

Even in the bitter storm my little light shines on.

The Moon and I

I like it when the moon has a friend.

Well What Else Are Ya Gonna Do When It's Freezing Outside?!!

 Time for a fire!!!!!

Can't have a fire without our hellhound.

Beggars at the feast.

Can't figure out which one looks more ready to bite.

You See Snow....

I see frozen waves....  Surf's Up!

Backyard Ballgame--Missouri Style

Well, the pictures I posted yesterday weren't scary enough, apparently, because here you are!  Let me post a little video then....
I told you Katie was good!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shoot! (Run On!)

If you are brave enough to have stayed with us thus far (are you nuts?!!!!) this should do you in.
Katie got a gun....
(and the kids is a flippin' natural.  amazing shot, right out of the gate.  That's my baby!)

Drive On!

So the last post didn't scare you enough?
You're back for more?!
OK then, here you go!.... Two words you never, ever wanted to hear:  He's legal!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice how even Forge-Boy screams in terror...

Forge On!

This post commences a series of posts about the scary happenings around the place lately.  To begin with I give you *cue dramatic music*  DAAAAAAAAVID'S FOOOOOORGE........


See?  Are ya scared yet?!!!!


Where there's fire, there's our resident hellhound...

 But let's not forget who has the coolest forge in the neighborhood...

Friday, January 17, 2014

A Slippery Slope

Could this be Kansas's answer to population control?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In honor of the Polar Vortex

...which is finally moving on! Yay!

What is the internal body temperature of a tauntaun?  Luke warm.