Friday, August 31, 2012

Do you know who your kids are with?

These guys are my heros!  Love this! :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Things I have learned in my first week of seminary:

1)    Keep Joe away from orphans.

2)    Blue Dye #2 is an ice cream flavor.

3)    How to really do  respect, edify, serve.

4)    Keep Joe away from orphans.

5)    That in order to learn I need a good attitude.

6)    Conner is a hero to many people in our class.
       Even when they are not there to fill in the question themselves.
       And everyone who listed Conner as their hero has exactly the same handwriting
       as Conner.

7)   Sam eats fire for breakfast.

8)    Keep Joe away from orphans.

9)    So many kids in our class look up to their parents.

10)  The air speed velocity of a swallow based upon trigonometric matrices crossed by a
       four dimensional quaternion with the imaginary numbers i, j, k representing
       the x, y, z axis multiplied by w representing the world to local matrix.

11)   I need to try smores ice cream.

12)  The kids actually do listen to some of the stuff I say.  (scary!)

13)  That we have an awesome bunch of great, humble kids with amazing faith
       who are realizing and recognizing the Lord's hand working in their lives every day.

14)  Keep Joe away from orphans.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Well, I Guess I Have To

So here's the report on Scout Camp this year.  For those with weak constitutions or faint of heart, I warn you: turn back now!
The boys had lots of fun.  Seth terrorized his merit badge counselors, Joe terrorized everyone, David was a good boy and went to all of his classes.  David really scares me.  Because I know there was more to his story than being a good boy and going to all of his classes.  But there's no evidence of anything to the contrary.  He knows how to cover his tracks.  This is my dangerous one!
They had fun, earned several merit badges and reaped chaos and havoc. Mission accomplished.



My Girl

After a nice day working in the kitchen (yeah, finally figured out how to work a kitchen, yay me!) canning, came out to find a nice evening and got to spend a minute with my Katie.  And just for the record: you know the difference between you and me?  I make this apron look good! :P

At the Cow Wash, Yeah!

Hey, in case you haven't heard (punny!), we're having a drought out here.  If you want something to grow this summer, you have to water it!


...or something like that, can't quite pronounce it the way David does.  (In American we say "steak".)
This is our new little one born at the end of July.  He is half beltie and half angus--as if you couldn't tell from his two sides.  The kids wanted to call him two-face but he really doesn't have two faces, just two sides. ;)

I Saw the Sign

Just sayin'.  Actually, this could apply to lots of the medical clinics we have visited over the years...

Uh huh.

Elder Chaz thinks he's so cool!  Well, that boy's got nuttin' on us!  (And we didn't have to fly for 13 or 15 or 21 or however many hours to get here!  Ha!)

Rain Beautiful Rain!!!!!!

An Open Letter to the World

Consider yourself warned.