Monday, October 31, 2011

It ain't over 'til the Skinny Dude Screams

Tim the Enchanter, Missourah style

Family Portrait

Surfer punk (look at his "shoes") viking who does what he wants:

Some call him Tim:

Are your papers in order?

My wild child:

Married Man:

Now you know where our little monsters get it from:

Halloween 2011 Party Slideshow

I was back by our booths during the entire party so I didn't get a chance to mingle and get pictures of everyone. There were tons of really cute costumes all over the place--these are the pics I did manage to get.

2011 Ward Halloween Party--video clips

Friday, October 7, 2011

Heron My Pond

Big Blue was out enjoing the sun this morning.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Paintball Warriors

Joe got to go with his friend Sam to a paintball tournament called Operation: Paintball Warrior last weekend. It was sponsored by a local radio station and was a fundraiser for the local DAV. They had three military guys and 12 civilians playing on each team. Joe and Sam were on Army Bravo. They won their first round--Joe was left lone-man-standing facing 7-8 enemy Air Force team members but he managed to pull it off! They played several rounds and had a blast. Joe is still suffering battle-shock from the round they went up against a semi-pro team.

Elementary Shadows

Angel Pony in my Pasture

My Little Walnut Picker-uppers

Black Walnut Season

He has...

...such a nice smile, don't you think? Rufus, I mean.


Katie is coming along nicely in her supervising skills.


You know those Calvin and Hobbes comic strips where Calvin uses the fake eyes to make it look like he is awake and watching the teacher while he catches a quick nap in class? Works like a charm when you're out supervising the kids' walnut-picking activities too!

Opossumble Task

You know you live in the country when.....
The boys found themselves out in the back yard during the wee hours of the morning cleaning up dead opossum before leaving for seminary and school.
Ah, what a life!

One Harvest Day

Our garden did really well this year. This is one day's pickin' this Summer. Yummy!