Saturday, June 20, 2009

David's Rampage

Rampage is David's new friend. We got him from Rachel at Quality Horse Training. Rampage is an Arab/Saddlebred cross. He is awesome!!!!! :) He is so well trained. He is full of spirit and get-up-and-go but has such sensitivity and is very careful with David. David has been out leading him around and Rampage keeps his head down near David and matches his step to David's walk. It is so cool to watch. He is a sweetheart and is going to be a great horse for David. I can already see the friendship these two are going to share.

How to get a pony for your birthday

A lot of little girls ask for ponies on their birthday and don't get one. Katie asked for a box of donuts for her birthday and got a pony! So that's the secret girls, go for the donuts!
This is Clarence. Miss Rachel gave Clarence to Katie when they delivered Rampage for David. Clarence is the best little pony. He loves love and attention and really does make an awesome little lawn mower!
He even has the same hairdo as Katie. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sign of the Day

Yesterday's Tornadic Storms

Two tornadoes were spotted around a nearby town in the storms yesterday. At one point, our county was surrounded by tornadic storms. The weather map showing the warnings made it look like a bullseye.
My husband was out driving around seeing home health patients during the storms. He was driving out of this particular town right at the time these tornadoes formed. There are a lot of not-on-purpose storm chasers in this part of the country.
These photos were taken by people in the area at the time. My husband was unaware of the tornadoes as he was concentrating on trying to keep the car on the road in the downpour he was caught in.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

David and Goliath

David went over to meet Ben, a six-year-old Amish raised Belgian, and Fancy, a two-year-old Clydesdale. Fancy will be bigger than Ben when she is full-grown. These horses are staying with Baaboo for a while and David has big plans to ride the summer away on big Ben's back. Ben is very gentle and sweet and made fast friends with David. David has already begun scheming ways he can raise the money to buy Ben.


The laundry tried to eat my son!

Taking the Pony for a ride

The REAL Partners in Crime!

Gettin' the hay cut

'tis the season.

Birthday Boy

and a severely messed up cake!

Big Birds

Not often do you see a hawk and a vulture sharing a tree.

Duck, duck...

Mama duck and her babies down by the stream.