Monday, October 24, 2016

Eagle Scout David Pyle

David's Eagle Court of Honor was held this past Friday.

table

Brag table ('cause we're good at that!)

Yep, that's TWO fifty-miler badges!

Why speak English when you can speak Russian?!

Award/Congratulations table


The ceremony.

David was given a special Eagle Scout pocket knife from Bro. Zitting.

Black Ops detail, a.k.a. musical support team.  They're always watching.

Well, what else are you going use to cut your cake?

This big eagle was hanging around our driveway all week. 
We decided it was there to welcome David into the eagle brotherhood.

Video shown at David's Court of Honor

High School Graduation

I'm a little behind and trying to get caught up. ;)
David graduated from high school in the spring of this year.