Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Joseph and Goliath...

...and you thought only Davids could shoot Goliaths!
The neighbor's huge angus bull was in our pasture again today. Third day in a row of this nonsense. I'm sure he tore up another of my fences, I just haven't found the energy to go down to take a look.
Looks like steak for dinner tonight! Ya'all are welcome to drop by and dine with us, there'll be more than plenty to go 'round. Make sure you put yer good teeth in, though, it might be a little tough...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

armless pianist

Misty Morning slideshow

It was such a beautiful morning, had to grab the camera and take some pics along the driveway!

2010 Vacation Slideshow - Time to hit the Beach

My babies can still body board!!! Wheee!!!! I haven't completely ruined them moving them out to the country!

2010 Vacation Slideshow - Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Something we learned while visiting the Reagan Presidential Library which I found interesting is President Reagan was never in the Oval office without his tie and coat on. He had a private study off of the Oval office which he went to when he needed to loosen his tie and relax but he never set foot in the Oval office without his coat and tie. It was his way of showing respect for all those who had occupied the office before him and to respect the office and what it symbolizes.
Also, there is a picture of saddle bags that are on display. These saddle bags were on the saddle of President Reagan's security guard when they went out to ride. The bags carried the nuclear launch codes.

2010 Summer Vacation Slideshows - David at Saddle Up

David got to return to Saddle Up and see Miss Lisa and the horses. The last time David saw Danika she was only a few hours old. Now she is grown and has the prettiest face. Bjorg was happy to see David and get some cupcake Fruity Pebbles. Lucky is still there and everyone got to have their noses patted by David.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Strike Up the Ban

Story of the local rukus over the school board banning a book from our high school due to profanity, refrences to drug use and sexual content. My son was in one of the classes that used this book as a required reading assignment so we have followed this story rather closely. You can read a report by local news and see a video of the report by clicking here.