Thursday, June 26, 2014

Zombie Kill of the Week

David got a new toy.  It's called Zombie Killer.  And he was chomping at the bit to get to try it out on something so his first victim was my poor sweet innocent little watermelon.

The Grass is always Greener

This is how you move cows to a different pasture to graze...
(I told you happy cows come from Californians)

Pretty Flowers

I wanted to get some pictures of my flowerbeds. They have done so beautifully this year.  I was afraid we might be heading for another bad drought but then the rains started and everything has just taken off growing. :)

Rufus came out and was kind enough to pose for my pictures.

Pretty Skies

I love Missouri skies!

If you look at it sideways it almost looks like you're in the barrel?  
At a really scary angle! lol

It's Worlds of Fun

Took the kids for a little get away a while back.  Spent a day at a little amusement park they have out here.  Good times! :)

The park was celebrating Mustache Monday by handing out fake mustaches for everyone to wear.  
Joe is beyond help.

I believe the word is tasty.

Time for a little Mamba.

 You should have seen Joe vault onto the back of this cow.  It was amazing.  He must have a little cowboy in him afterall!

 Waiting for a train.

A Missouri Cactus.

That's my girl!

Uh...Hello....It's your Triple Bypass calling....

I let Joe and David run up to town the other day.  

I know.
I let those two out of the house without supervision.
Maybe I do hate the world and I do think it's time for it to burn down, o.k.?!
Can I go on with my story now?!

So I let Joe and David run to to town the other day.
And David came home with an enormous cookie sandwich thing which was two giant cookies stuffed with frosting a good inch thick or so.  Oh.  And rolled in sprinkles.  Can't forget the sprinkles.
And David proceeded to eat

David is not allowed out of the house anymore.

Another Casualty to the Aggravation

This time at least it was only one.  The others were smart enough to scatter when the heat turned up.
I warned you I would stomp you!!!!!


(Or so he thinks!)
The day finally arrived.  He wasn't sure he was going to survive long enough to see it but he made it!  Joe graduated high school!
 The gathering.
 OK. A setting on the camera got messed up and it started taking the pictures really dark.  I lightened them up some, that's why they look funny.

Joe, Jenny, and Michael

Mr. Cantwell 
(Put up with Joe in his Spanish class for FOUR years!  
This man deserves a medal!!!)

 The Principal
(Can you tell how nervous those two boys are?!)

 Michael, Whitney, and Joe

 Mr. Fields

All Hail the Gang!

Partners in Crime

The Long Walk

And yet AGAIN I do not get a decent picture of my kid receiving their diploma!
As you will recall--last year when Seth stepped up to receive his diploma a bright green laser shown across the stage and on to Seth's back making everyone laugh.  I laughed and blurred the picture I was trying to take.
(Anyone who knows our family knows this laser thing
 is a tradition among these brothers.)  
Indeed, little brother Joe had to "spotlight" his brother's shining moment.  
This year I was all set, ready to snap the perfect picture, when out of the elements forms a bright green laser light which shoots across the stage and lands on Joe.
He has trained his little brother well.
And again I laugh and blur the picture.
Will I ever get a focused picture of any of my children receiving their diploma at high school graduation?

Well played, David, well played.