Monday, December 31, 2012

And so it begins....

Katie completed her puzzle only to come back an hour later and find this...

Do you know why it snows?

If you are reading this to really find out, 
you have not been paying attention all these years!

So yesterday, Sunday, I was home trying to recover from the nasty bug 
that got the better of me.
Jason and the kids went off to church as normal.
A little while later I got a call from Jason asking me to stay by the phone
as he was going to call me back in a bit.
About 15 minutes later the phone rang, Jason instructed me to listen 
and then I heard the Primary kids sing the Snowman song.  
Not just sing it, absolutely belt it out, at the top of their lungs.  
And holding out the long notes.  
And singing not just the big big big verse but also the fat fat fat verse.
It was the most beautiful sound I had heard all day.
And today it snowed.
Told ya!
That big blizzard we had a couple of years ago?  Yep, that was them too!
Don't mess with the Primary kids! :)
I love you guys!!!!!!!!

Furbies and Espionage

Katie's Christmas furby seems to like music a little. She played different songs for it 
and it would dance a little and sometimes coo a bit.
Then Katie put on the Greenday song "Espionage."
Furby went nuts singing and dancing.
Apparently I have another Greenday fan in the house.

Christmas 2012

And they look like such nice, normal people...

Don't be jealous.

King crab legs...... (don't ask)

 No we did NOT buy David a machete.  How stupid do you think we are?!  (hey, watch it!)
David's big brother bought David a machete.
We all know how stupid David's big brother is!

 If you have one in your house, you'll understand if I ask...
do you know of any good support groups we might be able to join?

Easily amused.

 Shhhhh...... he thinks he's skydiving!

 How long do you think it'll take him to figure out how it works... ;)

It's about to get real all up in here! 

And then the new fine threads...

Joe is all set for Scout Camp.

Then the inner zombie comes out...

I'm pretty sure he's building a space shuttle made out of household appliances.

 Did someone say Apocalypse? 

My handsome boy!  (o.k., you have to allow ONE proud mama moment!)

Russian chocolate.  Not quite the same as, say, Belgian chocolate 
but David really can't speak Belgian so, there you go!

Finally, something that scares Katie!

'Twas the night before



Jason's first deer taken with his black powder rifle.  A nice, fat doe!

The TREE!!!!!!!!!!

Our 2012 Christmas tree.  
I told Jason I wanted a big big big tree this year.  
As usual, I got hesitation and head shaking.  
We went shopping for a tree and I right away headed off to the big big big trees.  
Eventually the rest of the posse followed.  
I pointed out the beauty of big big big trees.  As usual, I got hesitation and head shaking.  
I pointed out the fun of big big big trees.  As usual, I got hesitation and head shaking. 
I pointed out the joy of big big big trees.  As usual, I got hesitation and head shaking. 
I pointed out the spectacular spectacle of a tree that big 
going up in flames after Christmas.....SOLD!
Ya just gotta know how to work the system. ;)

P-A-R-T----Y?! Oh, you know.