Friday, April 24, 2009

Tick, tick, tick

I just pulled a tick off my knee!!
Ew Ew EW!!!

(we pause here to consider the idea of a tick embedding itself in one's knee... These ARE blood-sucking little monsters, aren't they? Really, how much blood source does the area over a person's kneecap have anyway? Of all the ticks roaming Missouri, I have to end up with the short-bus tick! I think I'll call him Chaz...
we now return you to the regularly scheduled posting)

I hate ticks! I hate 'em! Hate 'em hate 'em hate 'em! And now I feel like I have the stupid things crawling all over me!
That little tickle down at the ankle...A little wriggle in the middle of the back...Something crawling just under the sleeve of my shirt....Iiiiieeeeeeee!!!!!!!
Spring is here!!!

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