Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Happy Couple

My cow is such a hussie!
You hear stories all the time about bulls breaking down a fence in order to get to a cow. In fact, very few fences are considered "bull proof" when it comes right down to it. Right?
Well a little while back the neighbor put his bull in the pasture next to ours. No big deal. He has a whole herd of cows over there, plenty to keep the bull busy, no worries.
So we go out a couple of days later to find the fence between the pastures knocked down. Not only is the fence knocked down but one of the big heavy posts is broken clean off!
Now that took some doin'!
Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the fence was broken down in a direction LEAVING our pasture, not coming into our pasture. A quick look around confirms our suspicions...there is Laverne, throwing herself all over the neighbor's bull!
Usually it's the bull breaking down the fence to get to a cow. Not around here, my cow goes fence bustin' when she sees her some good lookin' bull!
My cow is such a hussie!

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