Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ivan the Terrible

Shirley had her calf on the last day of March this year. A sweet, soft, fluffy little bull calf.
Then we let David pick out the name for him and Shirley hasn't had a moment's rest since!
Ivan runs and runs and runs around the pasture, his little tail sticking straight up in the air. Shirley gives here "come to Mommy" moo but Ivan just ignores her and keeps galavanting all around. Being the good mama cow that she is, Shirley trots along after him, which just gives Ivan reason to run faster. While the other cows graze and loaf around in the warm sunshine, Shirley is busy chasing Ivan from one end of the pasture to the other. When Ivan does finally decide to settle down and take a nap, he hops right through the fence to the other side to curl up. Shirley stands diligently at the fence watching over her sleeping calf, looking miserable with worry and exhaustion.
As if all this terrible behavior wasn't enough, Ivan also has a terrible belt. One side looks pretty good, a little rough, but not too bad. The other side? There is no belt, just a nice bright Cheshire-cat grin. Uh-huh.
First Rampage, now Ivan the terrible.... David is now barred from naming any more animals on our place!

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