Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tales from the Hospital

O.k., so, after the insanely long post of David's experience with his less-than-wonderful new friend, it's time for some pics of the FUN.

What is the first thing smart people do right after surgery? TWINKIES!!!!!!!!

Getting in line with the latest big-cinema movie trends, this Summer we decided to present Carl in 3D. Get your glasses at the concession stands now!
(It's lovely being trapped in a family of idiots.)

At St. Louis Children's Hospital even the salads are happy!

Did we mention room service?

You know it's time to go when Dad starts getting stir crazy!

After busting out of the hospital and finding a safe haven at the hotel room with his brothers and sister, David returned back to "normal" (translation: being a mindless zombie in front of the brain-sucking Playstation.)

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