Thursday, November 17, 2011

Button, button, who has the button?

David went out yesterday morning to get a nice donor doe. After a wait, a good deer walked out from the trees. This looked like a nice doe. David took aim and made the shot. A great shot that grazed the heart and hit the lungs.
Upon inspecting the deer they found that rather than a doe, it was a button buck--a buck with two little button "points" (although they don't really count as points) on its head.
I guess David is still trying to catch up with Jason's 8-point-plus-9 1/2-point lead. Maybe he's just a natural buck hunter.
Everyone got antsy because these guys only have one buck tag left and Joe really wanted it so he could still try for a big buck. Luckily this little guy qualifies as "anterless" and can go on one of those tags. Whew! That was a close one!
Oh well, no donor doe, they'll have to settle for a donor buck instead.

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