Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just When You Thought You'd Heard It All

The BEST Hunting Story of the Season
After so many adventures our guys had with the 2011 deer season we thought we'd seen it all. Now the equipment is stored away, waiting for next year, the guns are cleaned and locked up, the freezer overflowing with meat. All said and all done. Time to move on to other things.
Then a friend tells us a little story that just kicks all our tall tales right out the window!

It was a beautiful, crisp Autumn morning. Perfect for deer hunting.
The little boy got up, had his breakfast and then quickly dressed for his first hunting trip with Dad. Hopping into his favorite shorts and pulling on his lucky bright green cowboy boots (what else would you wear on a hunting trip?!), he was ready to go!
Dad was excited to have a little time to spend with his son. Knowing it was hard for the young boy to sit still and his movement would probably scare off any wildlife, Dad figured they wouldn't have much chance of shooting anything but it was more about just getting to spend time together than anything else.
Father and son headed off into the field and found a nice place to sit.
After just a little wait a beautiful buck walked across the field, right in front of the boys. Dad made sure his son was safely behind him then leveled his gun, looked through the sights and squeezed the trigger. The shot echoed across the pasture and the deer went down.
The excited pair ran to the fallen deer. The deer lay very still and was obviously dead. What a shot! What a successful first hunting trip! After surveying their handiwork for a few minutes, proud Dad positions the deer and then stands his son behind it to pose for a nice picture--documentation for future generations to marvel at.

Just like any other hunting trip that occurs during the annual deer seasons throughout the state, right?

Well, as the grinning little boy stands by the deer and Dad fiddles with his camera, a black dog wanders out of the tree line and comes to join the party. The two have never seen this dog ever before in all the times they have been out in this field. Dad gives a little smile thinking it funny that the dog just happened to show up on this particular day when they have downed such a mighty beast. Thinking it will make the picture even better to have the black dog in it, Dad lets his son pat the dog and make friends.
As everything is set for the picture, and just as Dad begins to press the button on his camera, the great deer lifts his head and looks directly at the camera, as if he, too, is posing for the picture. Dad snaps the picture, the deer hops up on all four, the dog barks, the son yells, and the deer bolts away across the pasture leaving Dad and son and dog with nothing to do but watch the fluffy white tail of their trophy get smaller and smaller until it disappears over the far horizon.

Well, at least they have a picture...


  1. LOL. That is too funny. I'm glad you didnt post a pic of a dead deer. =o)

  2. I see that it gets a little crazy out there in MO.