Monday, April 2, 2012


For many years I have wished for a gnome for my garden but I just couldn't seem to get one of the little buggers to move in. For years Jason has had to listen to me lament my un-gnome-iness. I was finally beginning to accept the idea I may never have a garden gnome in my life.
Then one day last week, in the late afternoon, my doorbell rang. I opened the door and glanced out, but nobody was there. I looked down and standing on the doorstep was the coolest gnome ever! I caught a glimpse of movement and noticed Jason hiding around the corner, laughing.

The cool gnome has moved onto our porch and I have named him Gee. He's my Gee gnome!
Yep, you got it, pronounced jee-nome. :)
I was laughing with the kids about my Gee gnome as I took them to school the next morning. That afternoon Katie returned home all excited to tell me that very day in science they had discussed DNA and genomes! Can you imagine the look on her teacher's face when Katie told her that her mama keeps her Gee gnome on the front porch?
These poor kids don't stand a chance, do they!

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