Monday, December 31, 2012

Do you know why it snows?

If you are reading this to really find out, 
you have not been paying attention all these years!

So yesterday, Sunday, I was home trying to recover from the nasty bug 
that got the better of me.
Jason and the kids went off to church as normal.
A little while later I got a call from Jason asking me to stay by the phone
as he was going to call me back in a bit.
About 15 minutes later the phone rang, Jason instructed me to listen 
and then I heard the Primary kids sing the Snowman song.  
Not just sing it, absolutely belt it out, at the top of their lungs.  
And holding out the long notes.  
And singing not just the big big big verse but also the fat fat fat verse.
It was the most beautiful sound I had heard all day.
And today it snowed.
Told ya!
That big blizzard we had a couple of years ago?  Yep, that was them too!
Don't mess with the Primary kids! :)
I love you guys!!!!!!!!

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