Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Boy has Left The Building!

Good-bye High School!
Seth has graduated.
It was a fun ceremony with lots of family in attendance to witness the event.
Grandma was there from Utah and Chelsea and Rex drove up from Joplin.  
Baaboo and Poppy brought Shemp 
and the rest of the family (who Seth will not claim) was there too.

O.K., so normally this is where a really nice picture of Seth 
shaking hands with the Principal would be but
 as soon as I pressed the button to take the picture 
I cracked up laughing and blurred the photo.  
Why laugh?
At that very moment a brilliant green laser had flashed across the stage right onto Seth.
Everyone needs a little brother in the audience!

So, um, yeah, no great pictures of Seth receiving his diploma.
Beautiful laser, though!

 Seth's home away from home. ;)

Any wonder why Seth says he has no mother?

Congratulations Seth!!!!!!

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