Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Meet Jeff

Jeff is my trained attack spider.
The other day as I was working on my computer, this little spider climbed down the cupboard above me and crawled onto the computer screen.  After a bit I noticed the little guy was following the cursor around.  Of course a cool spider like that had to have a name.  And I had to grab my camera.  And I had to begin his training regimen.
It has really worked in our favor, too, to have Jeff around.  (Since he was so good at sticking with his training it wasn't like I could just squish him when we were done.)  The morning after Jeff's training, Joe was in the kitchen and reached for a napkin--where Jeff was hiding out just under the edge.  Jeff took a mighty leap at Joe and scared him to death.  Good to know all that energy and money we poured into Jeff's training has paid off.
Good little Jeff.  Go, be free!

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