Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Road Less Travelled...

So we took the boy out to Utah for his entrance into the MTC in preparation for his two-year mission.
Winter Storm "????" (I think it was called "Cleon" or something like that--why do they name winter storms?!!!) was dropping down from the Artic causing all kinds of chaos and trouble.  So we drove right into it!
It's ok, I have a sword!
Actually, going through Missouri and Nebraska was very nice--a warm, lovely day.
Then we stopped for the night in Wyoming.
Oh boy!
So, does Wyoming own like two snow plows or something?!!!!
That was fun.
When he hit the border at Utah the roads magically cleared (could have been something to do with the army of snow plows we saw on the road THERE) and we made it!

 A glance into Eternity... ;)

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