Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Tale of Three Wings - Part 2 The First Flight

First Flight Wings
Except this wasn't his first flight.  Really.  But it was the first flight that he could remember since the other times he had flown were when he was just a baby.
Before travelling to Spain Joe had to pick up his VISA to make his stay there legal.  To obtain this Visa Joe was required to make a personal appearance before the Consul.  This was going to involve travelling as there is no Consulate in Nowheresville, Middle America.  Go figure.
Being nervous about flying into european countries with languages he couldn't understand or speak, Joe was very glad to have a chance to first fly around the U.S. where he would be able to get a feel for airports, transferring planes, and all that before he had to do it in a foreign language.

And of course the storm clouds rolled in.
Less than an hour earlier I had been standing out in front of my old barn enjoying the bright, sunny, Spring day.  By the time I picked up the other kids from school and got home to load up for the trip to the airport storm warnings were being issued.
Apparently my kids can't do their mission work without having to push through the storm.
We drove through crazy downpours and lots of lightning on the way to the airport--digital signs along the side of the road flashing "severe thunderstorm warning".  Thank you Captain Obvious.
We were worried about Joe's flight not being able to take-off on time.  He had a close connection to make in Dallas and would need to land there on time in order to make it.  As we turned onto Airport Road the rain stopped and the storm disappeared and there was even a little patch of blue sky for a few minutes.
After Joe's plane left the runway and headed South the storms started back up, building to the South.  His plane was just ahead of the storms all the way to Texas.
We, however, drove home in more torrential downpours and had just pulled back into our garage when the hail opened up and pounded everything.  And to top it off, we got to have our first tornado outbreak of the season.
I'm getting too old for this!

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