Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here birdie birdie birdie

I have this cute little plate-like bird feeder attached to one corner of our deck so we can look out of our window to see the little birds eat and play. We have had flocks of English blue birds, finches, chickadees, larks, bluejays, sparrows and even a few cardinals visit the feeder. It is fun to watch the birds hop around and feed. We even had a squabble among four blue birds the other evening. They finally worked it out and all ate peacefully at the feeder. The birds really seem to enjoy the seed and I have to refill the plate about every other day. Just yesterday I put an extra-heaping serving out for the hungry little guys.
This morning I was walking around the backyard and just happened to glance up and see...
We've been wondering if Fluffy has been putting on a bit more weight lately.

1 comment:

  1. He looks a bit fatter than normal! (it ain't the birds eating your seeds it's the fat kitty!!)