Monday, May 4, 2009

How to make Turtle Soup

Step 1: Go down to the pond and look for a turtle.

Step 2: Get yer gun. (Now, mind you, not just any gun will do here: say, for instance, you decide to take your little .38 caliber with you and you shoot the turtle in the head a couple of times, he's just gonna crawl away. For this recipe you gotta get yer good gun.)

Step 3: Bring the turtle up to the house, hold 'im up and smile real purdy like for ma's camera.

Step 4: Let the lil'uns get a look at what a monster the critter is so they can be impressed with big, strong pa.

Step 5: Get a pot.

Step 6: Skin 'im out and cook 'im up!


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