Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just another day in the life of Jenny, farm chick extraordinaire

What a beautiful morning!
Rolling clouds floating over, the sun just beginning to peek over the tree tops.
The weather man called for mild, 60 degree weather today.
Ahhhhhh..... A nice break from the artic cold we've been dealing with. Finally a chance to catch up on a few things. Maybe I can go out without my heavy coat on today.
What a beautiful morning!
In my happy, relaxed state I began getting the kids ready for school. They ate breakfast, got hair and teeth brushed, and faces washed all in record time. Homework was already nestled in their backpacks. It was all coming together so nicely this morning. Perhaps we might have a few extra minutes before walking out the door--no last minute rush today.
I hear the kids giggling in the kitchen and then David tells me that Rampage is out in the pasture rolling in the mud. I walked into the kitchen to take a look for myself and see Rampage right next to the fence. As I watch, the horse flips onto his back and rubs around in the mud. Then he rolls all the way over and comes down on the other side. The side where the fence is. And in that split second we have a horse down with his legs and his head through the fence.
I stopped, holding my breath. Rampage lifted his head a bit and the barbed-wire fence caught him. He froze. Good horse. Rampage has been trained to just stop and be still when he is afraid. Unfortunately, he has a very high-strung, nervous nature and that often wins over his mindful desire to follow his training.
I ran to the front door and made all the effort I could to be calm as I walked toward the horse. David came out of the door behind me. Seeing the two of us approach was just too much for Rampage and he began thrashing. The more he fought, the more he became caught in the fence. It became quite apparent that Rampage's panic instinct had full control of him and I would not be able to get past the flying hooves to help.
After a bit of fighting, Rampage was able to get himself free of the fence and get up on his feet. He was wide-eyed, high-headed and a nervous wreck. We immediately saw the trickle of blood running down his nose which sent David into a fit of worry. I was just thankful to see the big horse up standing on his feet.
I went into the house to get together a couple of supplements while David got some oats. At this point I did not have much confidence that we could get Rampage to even come to us but in no time David had Rampage up to the fence getting a treat out of his bucket.
I packed a worried little David into the car along with the other kids and headed (now late) to school. I did my best to reassure David that his horse would be o.k.
Horses are big, strong, tough animals, right?
I did not want the poor boy worried and distracted all through his classes today. David and this horse have such a bond with each other. They both look to each other for many things and they are pretty much inseperable. You have seen a pet dog wait for the school bus and bounce as the kids step off--Rampage is always waiting at the fence when we pull up from school and knickers at David as he steps out of the car. It is quite a thing to watch. It would be a hard thing to lose.
I came home and tried to gather my wits. I know what to use and I know what to do for injuries and illness. It seems the older I get, though, the more my nerves have an effect on me and I do not think as quickly or as well as I used to. A phone call to my mom and an energetic discussion on healthcare reform gave me the down-time I needed to get my mind cleared and get my nerves under control.
I armed myself with a handful of apple cubes to which I added a good dose of arnica and Rescue Remedy. It's time to get a handle on things and assess the damage.
After hanging back in a leary attitude for a bit, Rampage finally came to me and ate his treat.
He has a pretty decent cut on his face, a good scratch on his muzzle, several slices in a few spots one leg (the good back leg, not the one that has already had problems, so now we get to have TWO back legs with problems... oh joy!) and a little cut on the other leg. It is difficult to see all the wounds because he is black and doesn't show the blood. Thankfully he is covered in mud and that does show the blood so I have an idea of where to look for injuries. None of the cuts seem too deep.
The vet gave me a shot for Rampage to help sedate him a bit. I haven't used it at this point. Rampage seems to be responding to the Rescue Remedy and arnica so I think I will stick with it for the time being.
I have an antibiotic ointment for his cuts, a good linament that really helps his sore legs and an anti-inflmatory medicine to help with pain.
I am afraid I may end up needing to give David the same treatment before this is all over. At least the Rescue Remedy. ;)
This afternoon we will bring Rampage up and do more work on him. I think a little down time in the barn might be called for tonight.
So much for painting the basement all day today.
So much for getting to school on time this morning.
So much for the peaceful, calm morning this morning.
I live in Missouri!

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