Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Mighty Huntress

Katie went out for youth season this weekend.
Saturday morning a new record was set here for the low temperature.  She came home that morning a frozen little popcicle and hadn't seen a single deer.
That evening she was out again, this time in the treehouse and they decided to bring mom along for the fun.  It was a nice evening but again, not a single deer anywhere to be seen.
We've had deer sightings all over our place for weeks but the day of youth season they all went into hiding.  They must all instinctively know what a mighty huntress our Katie is and they all ran away in fear.
Just for the record--she is one heck of a shot.  She usually shoots with her .22 but for hunting deer she was going to need something bigger.  It was decided she would borrow David's hunting rifle which she had never shot before so her dad took her out for some target practice to get her ready for hunting.
After a while practicing loading and unloading and sighting with the scope and such things it was time to take her first shot.  Katie sat in the front yard and lined up on the target out by the barn.  First shot.....bullseye.
She was a little put-out about her second shot, though--it was just a little less than an inch below the bullseye.
We decided she was ready to go hunting.

She's got a little bit of her brothers in her, can you tell?!!!

We'll see if she gives her brothers a run for it during rifle season this year.

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