Monday, November 5, 2012

It Was....

...a beautiful Fall morning... clear and crisp.
The sun was just beginning to burst into the sky when I heard a single gunshot.

Eventually I heard the four-wheeler fire up out in the shop and off it went down the driveway.

Then I heard it come home.

Let me introduce you to Joe's 10 point buck...

It was a 300 yard shot.  Joe said he put the scope on the buck, took the shot and then didn't see the buck.  Joe was horrified that he had missed the shot.  There was no sign of the buck anywhere.  
Jason, the spotter, lost track of the buck right after the shot.  
They watched the woods for a while to see if there was any movement.  

Joe and Jason walked across the pasture, heading for the treeline where they had last seen the buck.  There lay the big boy, a dead drop, he hadn't taken a single step.  A clean neck shot put him down right where he had stood.

Yep, the kid has his mama's sniping skills!

And he also has a jack-o-lantern on his head.

They took the buck down to Walt's to have it measured.

And Joe got to pose to have his picture taken for the local paper.

He didn't really appreciate having an audience.

Then the three amigos boarded the trusty to'yota and headed off to the processors.

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