Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh deer!

So here's the report and pictures of this year's deer season...thus far...

Rex got a nice button buck from 300 yards.  
He and Joe tracked it from the tree house and caught it in a clearing in the treeline.

 Staking my claim.

Jason was really excited about this one because it ran at him when he called it.  
I guess he's learning how to sweet talk 'em!

This is the best story of this season:  
We came home from early morning seminary to find Jason standing on the back deck, 
still in pajamas and slippers, 
waving at us.  
Yep, we left him unsupervised just long enough for him to wander out 
and find something worth shooting.  
No need to get dressed for such occasions, we don't stand on principle around here!

A chicken for every pot...a deer for every Honda?  
The little transportation truck was unavailable this day 
so what does every good redneck do?  
Stuff a deer in yer trunk! 
Don't be jealous 'cause we're cool like that!

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