Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Here Come the Orioles!

So last summer I got this great idea that I wanted to attract orioles to our deck.  
People have talked about having these birds around this area and a couple of years ago we did have a beautiful bright orange bird play in our oak tree one afternoon so I figured there could be some close enough to entice to hang around the house.  
I put an oriole feeder out but it was late in the season and it seemed I had missed the birds.
This year I was ready for it and had my feeders out really early.  
A couple of weeks passed and there were no birds.  
It was still early.  Perhaps they just hadn't made it here yet.  
Then, a couple of weeks ago--the day the big storms were due to come through--our backyard lit up with orange like you would not believe.  
There were orioles everywhere!  
Not only did they like their syrup feeder and their jelly feeder, they began eating all the wasps we were having trouble with around the back yard.  
One of the birds even seems to favor the hummingbird feeder.  
I guess he likes red popcicles rather than the orange. 
I know a few people like that.

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