Monday, May 19, 2014

Seminary. Cemetery. What's the Difference?!

What a year!
And to cap it off I have these two boy seniors in my class...
Enough said.

So, my kind, sweet, nice supervisor asked me to send her pictures of my graduating seniors as she was putting together a slideshow for the graduation ceremony.
Three senior girls?
No problem!
Aren't they cute?!!!

Two senior boys?
EVERY problem  in.  the.  WORLD!!!!!!!!!!
So this is what I get....

I don't think that's quite what my kind, sweet, nice supervisor was hoping for.
Gotta work with them on their level....
Gotta use that natural goodness that they do have buried waaaaaay down deep inside them....
Gotta put things in such a way that maybe they learn something from it....
Ask questions!
You can guide kids to learn by asking them questions!
Ok.....  "Hey, guys, what do YOU think we should do for your pictures for the slide show being put together by my kind, sweet, nice supervisor to be shown in the reverent, wonderful, spiritual Seminary graduation ceremony?"

Did I say we should ask teenage boys questions?!
Apparently my brain died and fell out some time back.  
WHO in their right mind would ask teenage boys questions in hopes of getting a decent answer?!!!!

So, their idea on how to fulfill this assignment?  
Mug shots!
Mug shots.
What great fun!!!!!  
Every teenage boy needs a mug shot in his life--especially seminary student teenage boys!
So my dear boys take paper and quickly make themselves a little sign with their "Prisoner" ID number on it and happily hop up to pose for pictures.  For once they were agreeable to looking at the camera so I couldn't let the opportunity pass!  We took pictures!!!!!

Fortunately (well, unfortunately for them), their seminary teacher has mad photoshopping skills so I "fixed" their little signs for them.

And that, my dear ladies and gentlemen, is Seminary!

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