Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's also THAT Time of Year Again.

Time for a little doe, doe, buck!

Signs of the season:

How to tell when the guys are home:

First deer of the season was a doe for Jason.  David went right to practicing his surgical skills.

With a little help from Dad of course. 

 Next up was a doe for Joe.

And then there's Joe...

It's really fun to wash up in some-teen degree weather!

The problem with letting your deer hang overnight when it is some-teen degree freezes!

The good thing about letting your deer hang overnight when it is some-teen degree weather and it freezes--you find out there are many, many great uses for deer besides just eating them...
A new (3-D) deer-skin rug for the living room!

Dance Party!

A stretcher!  (Look at those Eagle Scouts handle that thing!  What professionals!)

 Flag pole.

When transporting a deer one should take extra care to do it in such a way as to not call undue attention or distract or offend the sensitivities of other drivers...

Check this out!  We got a new hood (ok, roof) ornament for the truck!!!!!

The flyyyyying deer of doooooooooom!

 OK, we tried!

And then Jason got a buck!

(notice the crazy "buck fever" look in his eyes, now you know where the sons get it from)

And what do you do when you are done hunting?

Don't be sad, the season isn't over yet!  Muzzle loader season is right around the corner and maybe then the boys will finally get a buck to bring home.

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