Friday, December 26, 2014

The Mother's Sword

David made a sword for me this Christmas.
I have wanted a mother's sword for a long time.
I guess he decided it was time I had one.
David started with a block of steel about 11" long and 1 1/2" or so in thickness.  He has worked relentlessly for the past couple of months--heading out to his shop after school and spending his days off working away out there.
Any time I came near his shop David would chase me off.  All I could see was the billowing black smoke from his forge and the clang of his hammer tirelessly working the metal on his anvil.
And now I have a mother's sword.
Down the length of the sword David engraved the reference Psalms 149:6. He placed two silver dollars (we have a special thing about silver dollars in our family) at the end of the handle and wrapped the handle in paracord (he's always making things out of paracord using all kinds of knots and such).
He also carved wood with his knife to make a scabbard to house the sword.
It was amazing to watch him as he did all this hard work. He mentioned that it "came out a little rougher" than he'd hoped for.  He still has much to learn and experience to gain in his work but these early swords are so precious.   All the sweat and pain that went in to this sword amplifies its beauty far beyond anything a factory could ever produce.
It is indeed a masterpiece.
He is a masterpiece.

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