Monday, September 9, 2013

And then it was Katie's turn

So, yeah, Katie is officially a teenager now.
In spite of all our best efforts.
We tried.
We really, really tried.
When Joe woke up that morning and realized that it was THE day,
he quickly set to work on his plan to seal Katie up in her room.
He figured the world just couldn't take Katie being a teenager.
This was his service to humanity.

That didn't really work so the boys decided to gang up and get Dad involved.
They decided that instead of wrapping up her doorway, maybe they should just wrap Katie up instead.

Dad was even nice enough to make Katie a cute bow for her head.

You know, a lot of people GET presents on their birthdays.
Not many people get to BE the present on their birthday.
Katie should feel really lucky!

Unfortunately, this plan couldn't hold Katie back either.
(Run, David, RUN!!!!)

So, with so many failed plans we decided we had to just give up.
Katie was a teenager.
There was nothing we could do about it.
So we had cake!
Black Haunted Forest Cheesecake! 
(because cheesecake makes everything better)

And there were cheese balls!
(because there are not enough of those in our family already)

And there was much rejoicing!
And, dear world, you have been warned.
My baby is a teenager.
Good luck.

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