Tuesday, September 10, 2013


And then there were explosives!  Big explosives.  Small explosives.  Mostly big explosives, though.  We had a fun Fourth of July celebration and with no drought this year we actually got to light our fireworks.  We had a visit from Chelsea and Rex which was a lot of fun and Seth managed to burn only ONE hole in his t-shirt this year (believe me that is an improvement!).

And Rex was kind enough to give us a demonstration on fairy dust.

Joe's favorite thing are these stupid strobes. 
 They are insanely bright and flash so fast!  I hate them!
He buys tons of them and insists on setting them off 
no matter how much I tell him I hate them.
Rotten kid!

Ever seen a Three Stooges episode with fireworks? 

I told you she was a teenager!

This is where I'd post the video of the bottle rocket fight between the boys.
The bottle rocket fight where Seth and Joe and David 
light bottle rockets and shoot them at each other.
The bottle rocket fight when Seth magically pulls out a roman candle and starts firing at the other two.
But it seems Seth has been busy destroying evidence again so I cannot post the video at this time.
So here concludes the report on this year's 4th of July festivities.

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