Monday, September 9, 2013

My little Trekies (not the live-long-and-prosper kind)

So for Youth Conference this year the kids in our Stake were going on a Pioneer Trek.
They have the kids dress up in "pioneer" clothing and pull handcarts along a trail for a few days
so they can get an idea of what it must have been like for the early pioneers travelling to Utah.
They have activities for the kids along the way as well as talks and a testimony meeting.
We received instructions on what and how to pack our kids' supplies for this trip.
First up, a straw hat.

Joe argues that they didn't specify what country the pioneers were from.

At least David is a little closer to what they seemed to have in mind but he feels straw is for bedding in the barn, not wearing on your head.

Next up, everything you bring must fit in a five gallon bucket.
The bucket needs to be marked so you can identify it when you need to get to it.
Spray painting the entire thing with you name should do the trick, right?!
(David did his in Russian so nobody had any idea what it said.)

O.k., that's done, what else is on the list?

And as if things weren't already bad enough on their own,
Dad has to come home and ENCOURAGE the brats!
(You know WHY the praying mantis kills her mate?!...)

Ah, finally time to wake them up super early in the morning (hee hee hee) and get rid of them for a few days!

As if this wasn't bad enough, I still get to look forward to the day Katie has a trek 
and I have to try to stuff her into a big poofey pioneer dress along with everything else. 
I guess I'd better start putting away bandages and blood-clot powder now 
so I'm ready when the day comes.

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