Monday, September 30, 2013

The Warriors Return

Seth and Joe played in Operation Paintball Warrior 2013 this weekend.
Everyone in their uniforms and gear, my two boys show up in shorts.
Not even camo shorts.  Just light tan and plaid shorts.  No reason to give up style just 'cause you're playing paintball, right?
Ah, I've raised them well.
One of the big stories that came home from the tournament was an "incident" Joe was in...
Joe was charging around something and came face to face with a guy from the other team.
Joe did a fast turn back the direction he came, the other guy raised his gun and fired on Joe but missed.
Joe pointed his gun backwards facing behind him as he ran forward and pulled the trigger.
Joe hit the guy and put him out.
Coolest part?  The photographer caught a picture of it!!!!...

Army Team Alpha

 Aw!  Sam and Seth got to have a nice little bonding moment before the bloodshed.

You know, I don't see my boys in this picture with the ref.
Does this mean my boys don't care about the rules?  Or that they were out sneaking around the course doing something maybe not quite, ahem, legal (in their minds this would fall under "black ops") in prep for the next round?

There's Sam the man!

 Oh man!  They got paint on Joe's shorts!  
Don't make him wouldn't like him when he's angry...

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