Monday, September 16, 2013

Katie's Bow (NOT to be confused with beau!)

Katie has been driving us crazy about getting her a bow.  She got to practice shooting bows at Girl's Camp this year and we haven't heard the end of it since.  
Well, a friend of her dad's gave her a bow.  
It is a bow that was used in competitive archery.  
It is a little older model so my husband took it down to the shooting and archery shop to see if it needed any work and have it restrung.  The guy at the shop is not an easy guy to impress but he loved this bow.  It is an older model that hasn't been used in a few years but the shop owner told us it was a very nice bow in its day.  It is in awesome condition and Katie is in love!  
The best part of the story:  The case for the bow is bright neon pink.  Jason walked into the gun/archery shop with all the guys hanging out, doing their manly thing, carrying this thing.  Jason said everyone in the shop turned to look at him when he walked through that door.  The shop fell into stunned silence.  
Finally the store owner said, "It takes a REAL man to carry THAT case!"  
The things dads will do for their little girls!

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