Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Meet Heimlich

Since we moved to Missouri I have had hopes of finding a luna moth caterpillar.
We have seen luna moths from time to time.
We have lots of walnut trees all around us.
But for all these years I have yet to find a luna moth caterpillar.
Until now.
I was out by the barn one day, looking for pieces of old wood.  I walked past a young walnut tree that is growing by the barn.  I happened to glance toward the ground at the base of the tree and noticed movement.  I looked a little closer and there was Heimlich crusing along in the grass.
Heimlich crawled onto a stick for me and I brought him into the house 
to live in a nice jar (just what every caterpillar dreams of).
Within an hour, Heimlich had crawled to the top of his stick and wrapped some leaves around himself.  As we watched over the next few hours he made a silk-thread-like cocoon inside the leaves and that was it.
Now we're waiting (will probably have to wait until next Spring) for him to become a "beautiful butterfly".

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