Monday, September 9, 2013

Miles, LOTS and LOTS of Miles

When school let out this year (late May), 
our scoutmaster and some other "brave" (define that as you'd like) souls 
took a bunch of our scouts on a 50 mile hike along the Buffalo River.
Not long after their arrival they were hit by big, severe storms.
Fortunately one of the Rangers found our group 
and was able to help them find shelter in empty horse stables.
The storms passed, the boys dried off, 
and the extra water gave them flooded paths to cross 
and spectacular waterfalls to climb 
(and throw rocks off of but we won't talk about that).

 Leave it to my kid to come home with a picture like this!

If you look closely in this picture, you'll see the kids along the cliff...



Our crazy Scoutmaster.

 Crossing a beaver dam.


This is what you call in Scoutspeak, "Easy pickin's."


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